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How to choose an inductor coil?

When selecting the inductor coil, it is very important for us to select the right one suitable for the circuit. First of all, we should know the characteristics of different types of inductor coils.

1. In accordance with the winding structure

Inductor coils can be divided into single-layer coils and multi-layer coils according to the winding structure.

Single-layer air coils are often used for short-wave and medium-wave circuit. In general, the inductance of a single layer air coils is small and the Q value is stable.

Multi-layer air coils can get a relatively large amount of inductance, but the volume is large and the distribution of capacitance is also large. If you want to get a inductor coil with smaller volume and more inductance, inductor coils with magnetic core will be your good choice.

2. In accordance with the use of bobbin

In accordance with the use of bobbin, inductor coils can be divided into air coil and coil with bobbin. If the number of coils is not so much and the wire is thick, there is no need for you to use bobbins.

3. Classification according to the application

In accordance with the application, inductor coil can be divided into electromagnetic coil, audio coil, transformer coil and so on. For example, air coil with cross winding structure is often used in high-frequency and ultra-high frequency circuit, because the inductance is relatively small.